Matanya Loewenthal profile

Matanya Loewenthal 👋 Software Engineer @ Groq, Entrepreneur, Thru-Hiker

I am currently a Software Engineer on the Cloud Team at Groq, having previously worked as a Software Engineer on the Signals Intelligence team at Twilio Sendgrid. I pride myself on my passionate energy and sensitivity, and enjoy working with those of similar ilk. I am an excellent communicator and have successfully led projects from initial ideation to deployment and subsequent scaling to billions of transactions per day.

Beyond programming, I enable engineers to communicate effectively throughout the organization, bringing out the 10x in everyone. Effective Culture Engineering is just as crucial as any other kind, so I work company-wide in significant culture improvement. If you want to build effective cultures or are seeding historically difficult role-based teams, feel free to ping me!

In my free time, I thru-hike long-distance trails like the Appalachian (NoBo 2021 to PenMar) and Colorado Trails (SoBo 2020 to Monarch Crest), read books (see bookshelf), make backpacking equipment with my trusty sewing machine (Janome HD-3000), and build small data centers in my basement (tailscale + Talos Linux).