Standards For Referrals

Unfortunately, today's system of references and referrals is inadequate for recruiting qualified talent. Influences such as financial incentives negatively impact the company providing them by burdening the hiring team with unqualified applicants, particularly at lower levels.

While I cannot change this reality, I can ensure that all of my referrals conform to the highest standards possible. I have included guidelines and thresholds that I have taken upon myself to maximize the impact of my referrals and ensure that candidates meet a published quantifiable standard.

Note: This document does not apply to applicants who apply via a link automatically shared via LinkedIn or other platforms. All referrals covered by this document will be explicit and obvious. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me.

For any candidate to be eligible for a referral, I must:

I will not refer a candidate:

After referral, I will: