Y Combinator Founder Match Profile

Here are the two parts that matter. 

About Me

I'm in pursuit of a life worth living. So many of today's "innovations" are what I call "Uber for Cats": existing business model, new market. I work to avoid these companies. This mindset led me first to Twilio, where I learned how complex systems function as a member of the Signals Intelligence Team, working directly with principal engineers to identify issues and guide new solutions. After spearheading, building, and scaling a new meta-monitoring tool, I joined Groq to build an LLM service for hardware powered by our new Tensor Streaming Processor architecture, the LPU (Language Processing Unit).

I grew up in Denver, homeschooled by my mother, a Czech revolutionary, and my father, a compulsive entrepreneur. After launching and deorbiting a Kombucha startup, I hiked over a thousand miles of the Appalachian Trail, married my wife, launched and deorbited another startup for optimizing gig work, and realized I needed a co-founder. If any of this resonates, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Impressive Accomplishment

My team of 4 built a Tokens-as-a-Service API for novel AI acceleration hardware that withstood the traffic associated with a Friday #1 Top Story on Hacker News 24 hours after launch. We went from initial design to multi-datacenter load balancing and 5-figure token per second scale in 3 months.